Healthy Living Community

Creating health through community building, education, and affordable holistic care

Together we can grow optimal health

In an ideal world, health insurance would improve the accessibility of health care. It would truly be an investment in people’s health. But increasingly, people are paying more per month, with higher deductibles and fewer benefits. This discourages people from getting the care they need.

In this world of increasing health insurance costs, limited insurance coverage, and fluctuating economic stability, how do we as a community come together to support health and wellness? How do we create a system that ensures access to a trusted provider who will take the time to support the well-being of our families no matter their financial means?

Healthy Living Community is the answer to these questions.

HLC has integrated a model of care that offers a low cost sliding-scale membership fee and “pay what you can” per appointment. We no longer contract with insurance, with the exception of OHP*. We understand that many will still utilize insurance for their specific health needs. At HLC, individuals with insurance will receive their standard insurance coverage for all labs, imaging, prescriptions and referrals to other providers. Additionally, insurance companies often try to dictate what providers you see and what care you receive. At HLC, we believe you should have autonomy in deciding what provider and care best meet your health needs.

We are committed to cost transparency, and appreciate that this model of care provides flexibility to our members--allowing them to make payments based on their current financial situation. Those who are able to pay a higher monthly membership, or the full cost for an appointment, will help offset the cost for individuals who may be unable to afford healthcare at this time. Our goal is to make Healthy Living Community’s unique functional healthcare accessible to all.

At Healthy Living Community, we believe that healthy communities grow healthy individuals. We foster growth in our community by holding regular events (classes, workshops, gatherings), establishing platforms for communication among our members, and ensuring our clinic is an affirming and supportive place for all. We also are also establishing connections with local organizations to build a supportive network of health.

With this healthcare model, people are able to make meaningful investments in their, and their community’s, health. Together, we can work to create a sustainable community of wellness for all of us here at Health Living Community. Let’s demonstrate to other health communities that a different accessible approach that provides superior care is possible.

*We listened to the feedback of our community members and realized that not accepting OHP (Oregon’s Medicaid program) was a barrier to many community members who are unable to afford healthcare costs. In taking OHP we hope to ensure that functional, holistic, healthcare services are more accessible.


HLC is a 501c3 nonprofit!

This means any donation you make is tax deductible. All donations go directly into our Patient Care Fund, which is used to cover the cost of healthcare services for members challenged by healthcare costs.

We have established a Board of Directors to help guide the trajectory of HLC and ensure our mission is alive in everything we do. Click here to meet our amazing Board members.

Meet Dr. Kerry Schaefer

Kerry grew up in beautiful Hood River. She headed across the country to attend college at Amherst College in Massachusetts where she majored in Theater and Dance. After working for Americorps in Philadelphia for a year and spending another year enjoying dance and travel she started medical school in Madison, Wisconsin.

During medical school her long-standing expectation was confirmed, she wanted to be a family medicine doctor. She was very excited to make it back to the Pacific Northwest to start her family medicine residency at Providence Milwaukie Hospital.

Following residency she worked in traditional family medicine clinic during which she discovered that she needed and wanted to find a new way to practice medicine. She did not like trying to see as many patients per day as possible. She started Healthy Living Community to provide her patients with longer appointment times and more personal treatment which she finds much more fulfilling. She wants to create an environment where her patients feel safe and happy coming to the doctor.

In July 2019, Kerry transitioned the clinic to Healthy Living Community, a nonprofit focused on creating a healthy community in which its members can create ideal health and have access to affordable holistic and functional care.

She lives in southeast Portland in with her partner Carl, their daughters Sydney and Rachel. She loves the outdoors. She currently spends most of her free time with her family or training in aerial dance.

Meet Karen Davis, MS, CNS®

Karen is a clinical nutritionist who began her career in evidenced-based nutrition when she recognized the key role food choice plays in preventing many of the chronic diseases we face today.

After completing her Master of Science in Nutrition, Karen went on to earn a national credential with the Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists®. Karen participated in a therapeutic ketogenic diet training course through the American Nutrition Association and passed a national exam to become a Certified Ketogenic Nutrition Specialist℠. As a member of the Healthy Living Community team, Karen provides EAV (Vega) Food Sensitivity Testing as well as one-on-one nutritional counseling.

Karen also teaches group classes and offers the following on a regular basis:

  • RESTART® Sugar Detox Class – A 5-week program to help you eliminate sugar from your diet while being fully supported with classes, recipes and more.
  • 6-Week Ketogenic Diet Challenge – A 6-week program to help you get into ketosis using a well-balance keto diet. Includes classes, meal plans and more.

Karen is the owner of Karen Davis Nutrition where she is able to bring her own unique approach to help and support her clients to make successful, long lasting changes to their food and lifestyle choices.

When not nerding out on all things nutrition, you will find Karen working out, cooking, reading, and exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her rescue dog, Lucy.

Meet Aleksandra Giedwoyn, MD

Born and raised in east Portland, I graduated with a BS in Biochemistry from Lewis & Clark College. As a first generation Polish-American, I received my M.D. from Karol Marcinkowski Medical School and finished my Family Medicine internship and residency at Good Samaritan Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona. I have been board certified in Family Medicine since 2002.

My style of practice: I prefer to rely more on healthy lifestyle and less on pharmaceuticals. My interests are strong in nutrition and in “food as medicine,” and as a result I am pursing certification in Functional Medicine. This perspective allows me to collaborate with a wide array of traditional medical specialists and alternative holistic providers to provide patients with great healthcare.

Personal: I'm a mom & my son just left for college. Since the 1990's I have been commuting by bicycle year round and in my free time I am an avid outdoor adventurer. I also enjoy yoga, meditation, and foraging wild foods.

Meet Windy Lyle, FNP

When we take time to be present and listen to our bodies, we can move toward our personal relationship of wellness and healing.

In her younger years, Windy’s mother and grandmother, both nurses, modeled the power of listening, gifted her with an appreciation for the healing nature of touch, and taught her that western and herbal medicine can complement one another. Though she hadn’t yet recognized a calling, she began working in community clinics and integrative care clinics as a lay midwife, assisted with women’s health and trauma support, and drew from the very skills and techniques she had seen modeled.

Entering formal nursing education, what she knew at core was that the first priority of nursing is devotion to human health—of individuals, families and of communities. She made it a goal to become not just a nurse, but a nurse healer. Looking back, her deepest calling has been realized through the practice of holistic nursing, and she has come to see healing as a journey into understanding the wholeness of human existence. Along the way, she has realized the importance of curiosity, of a commitment to lifelong learning, and of working together in partnership with the individual.

In 2002, she completed her Family Nurse Practitioner degree, after which she specialized in hematology and oncology at the Portland VA Medical Center, utilizing a functional and integrative medicine approach. Her 25 years there, first as a registered nurse, and then as a nurse practitioner, was a journey gratefully traveled with clients, families and colleagues.

She retired from the VA one year ago, and since then, has watched, listened, and ultimately realized that her soul and mind felt a loss; she was aching to work, once again, with people in a medical setting. She had been drawn to the way Dr. Kerry has redesigned the Healthy Living Family Community as a 501c3 clinic, and having previously worked in the clinic while the doctor was on maternity leave several years ago, approached and asked if she needed help, and, she said yes.

In life, Windy is a wife, mother and grandmother. She loves to walk, to sit quietly in nature, to work the soil, to find rhythm beneath the moon, to explore body, mind, spirit, wisdom. She connects most deeply with her ancestors while observing her grandchildren, and experiences great joy while laughing with friends and family.

So here is Windy, ready to step into a part-time position in the Healthy Living Family Community, grateful for the confidence that Dr. Kerry has placed in her to assist in the support of her clients.

Meet Pearl, MA

Pearl is Dr. Kerry's medical assistant and office manager. Having grown up in a natural medicine minded family, working in a functional medicine environment is a perfect fit. She enjoys serving a population in which health is approached in a holistic way. She spends her free time adventuring with her two daughters.