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Dr. Kaeri Schaefer MD

I rejoice in my identity as a beautiful, queer, cis-womyn. I dance through the world as a skilled body communicator, health liberator, mama, loving wife, connection facilitator, community builder, paradigm shifter and intuitive healer. For me “intuitive” means that I use my exquisite awareness, presence and body-communicated wisdom to make intentional and self-honoring choices each day. I pause to listen to my inner knowing and deliberately build a schedule which is generative and nourishing. I feel whole when my days leave me feeling grounded and radiant. I aim to honor my natural momentum and deeply enjoy how it flows with the earth’s cycles. 


I move into my role as body interpreter and medical guide with an MD from the University of Wisconsin, a board certification in Family Medicine, training in functional medicine from the Institute of Functional Medicine and craniosacral and osteopathic training from Carol Gray and Chris Forhteringham DO. Most of what I use as I practice the art of medicine I didn’t learn in medical school or residency. My most important teachers have been my kids and the many amazing humxns who have trusted me to support them in their healing journeys. I honor each person I support by holding space for their humxnity, trusting the truth of their embodied experience and remembering their individuality. I honor others’ healing by continuing to bravely step into mine with depth and vulnerability. 


I believe that when medical providers practice their art in a way that is self-honoring, nourishing  and healing their work is more powerful and the healing ripples outward with ease. I desire to change what it means to be “doctor”.

Photo Credit: "She Saw Things"


Dr. Kaeri is not available to support additional people at this time.

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