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Maya Roe-Bauer, MSN

Maya utilizes holistic nutrition in which the whole person is taken into consideration. Food can be a deeply personal part of one’s life and is emotional, spiritual, cultural and familial. Our nutritionist combines this with her deep knowledge of complex physical systems and how nutrition interacts with these systems. This nutrition practice is rooted in the belief that food is medicine and has amazing power to heal and prevent ailments. Maya believes that each individual is the expert in their own body and so she works collaboratively to create a personalized nutrition plan for individual needs. Each client is guided with compassion, education and understanding to find what works best for them.

Maya has been interested in food and cooking for as long as she can remember. Maya received a master’s degree in nutrition from National University of Natural Medicine in 2023. She gained scientific knowledge about nutrition that she is excited to share. Maya loves to talk about food with people because it can be a delicious and fun part of life to enjoy and at the same time can be incredibly nourishing for the body.

Prior to becoming a nutritionist Maya got her undergraduate degree in Public Health and went on to be a Health Equity Specialist at Oregon Primary Care Association as VISTA. Equity and healthcare are still a great passion of Maya’s which is why she feels so lucky to work at Healthy Living Community where she gets to hold onto those values.

In Maya’s free time she enjoys hiking, swimming, laughing, meditating, and of course enjoying delicious food.


Please contact the clinic to book with Maya, or if you currently see Maya feel free to connect with her via the Charm Portal.

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