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Below is a list of community spaces and projects that we are excited to share. Some of them are fellow practitioners who share a space with HLC; some are organized and created by our members, some simply share values and we appreciate the work they do in the community, and others we collaborate on for events. 

If you have projects or community spaces that you want to promote here with our community, please fill out this link and submit a request. 

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A Hub for self-directed work and play

Offering Soul-Centered Counseling & Transpersonal Psychotherapy

Handcrafted bolsters and accessories

Forest therapy to support you in slowing down, awaken your senses, and reconnect with the world around you."

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Resources, events, and a collective zine to support with healing and community building...

Reimagining, Repurposing & Recreating Our World

Offering teachings and guidance around healing and decolonization

Offering strategy, facilitation, and coaching for social impact

HLC Resources

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Charm & Medical Records

Have questions about navigating Charm? Charm has a comprehensive user guide! We are happy to walk you through it in person or over the phone.


Don't have consistent access to a computer? We are happy to provide physical copies of labs, imaging orders, prescriptions, and instructions from your providers. 


Studio & Cedar


Street Roots Resource Guide

Members can rent our lovely Studio and open air pagoda, lovingly named Cedar, at discounted rates.  

It can be a lovely space for meetings or small in-person events. We also have the labyrinth and garden to enjoy.

Please reach out Addie at to learn more!

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