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Membership Policies

Healthy Living Community offers primary care, complementary modalities, and integrative mental health  within the container of community. We believe that relationships (with ourselves, each other, our community, and the Earth) are critical in our individual and collective wellbeing. 

In order to support being with each other in this community, we believe establishing standards is an important part of guiding communication;  foundations to come back to when things may feel like they veer off; and to continuously grow and learn from each other. Our community standards are upheld by members, clinical staff, providers, and the Board.

Please note: These policies are included in your initial membership document that you sign. We will review this and update these policies when appropriate and notify members via our newsletter and Charm communication when updated.

Community Standards
Member Policy
Clinic Policies

Community Standards

These agreements help ensure that each individual's needs are met, along with the needs of the community as a whole. We are committed to: 

  • Working to uphold HLC's Core Values & Beliefs.

  • Being kind and respectful to ourselves and to others

    • We do not discriminate based on gender, race, political stance, religion/spiritual belief, etc.

    • We speak with respect and aim to assume good intentions.

    • We may have times that are hard and frustrating especially when we navigate things as personal as our health and wellbeing.

      • While we may feel frustrated we strive to be respectful to each other. For example, using “I” statements (“I feel frustrated because…”) and we strive to not jump to conclusions.

      • Anger is a valid emotion that we respect however we won’t allow hostility. If things start to feel hostile or if someone is uncomfortable continuing dialogue we may ask to pause the discussion and come back to it later in the day or with a different staff member.

  • Practicing and respecting boundaries. We are a clinic within a community.

    • Providers and staff adhere to HIPAA regulations at all times.

    • As members, you may share or hear personal stories in group settings or events. Please be mindful that information shared within our community may be sensitive, and do not share any details (a person’s name or identifiable information) with others.

  • Honoring peoples’ gender. We do not assume someone’s gender and prefer that we offer ours and ask for theirs.

    • For example, “My pronouns are they/them/theirs…. What are your pronouns?”

    • We strive to not generalize genders or make broad gendered statements such “Hey guys!” or “This kind lady just said..” etc.

  • Providing feedback. We are committed to continuously evolving how we do things and are always open to ways in which the organization could improve.

    • While we are receptive to all feedback, sometimes we cannot make immediate change, so thank you for your patience in advance

Membership Policies

When you become a Healthy Living Community member, you are joining a supportive community health network that will holistically support you in achieving your health goals.


By investing in community health, an individual is investing in their own health as well as the wellness of others. Members who are able are encouraged to pay more to support both their own health and the health of all community members.


We fundamentally value each and every one of our members and the individual talents, gifts, ideas, and worldview they bring to our community.


HLC strives to provide comprehensive, quality healthcare in a spirit of personal caring, safety and concern.  In an effort to accomplish this goal, we believe that you, as our member, and/or your significant other have the responsibility to make decisions regarding your healthcare and have the important rights as listed in our Members Bill of Rights and Responsibilities below.




Costs & Payments

  • Please view our Membership page for details on member benefits and our monthly sliding scale membership fee. 


  • Please view our Services page to learn more about our price for services:  "Sliding Scale - Pay by Appointment and/or Service costs."


Discontinuing you membership 

  • You may discontinue your membership at any time for any reason.

    • You can discontinue your membership here.

    • We would appreciate understanding any information on why you may be terminating your membership, or leave feedback for us, but it is not required.

    • We do not offer a refund for the month you last paid for, but we also do not require payment for the following month.

  • Our staff reserve the right to end a membership at any time for members who are not abiding by the stated policies or are disrespectful to Providers, members, our staff, or the clinic grounds. If we deem it necessary to discontinue the relationship, we will notify you in writing. You will then have 30 days to find a new physician, during which time we will be available to you for urgent health issues only. You may request a transfer of medical records to your new physician.

Clinic Policies

General Communication: 

  • We will send communication to all members via Charm Portal regarding days when the clinic falls out of the standard schedule (9-4 Monday - Friday) 

  • We send monthly newsletters with updates, member highlights, and supportive links/articles.

  • We will update the website with new Providers or when Providers may be closed to new members.

 Phone Communication: 

  • For a life-threatening emergency, always call 911 immediately.

  • For a mental health emergency, call or text 988 (988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline) 24/7 whenever you or someone you know may be experiencing a mental health emergency.

  • For non-urgent questions/needs please contact us via the Charm Portal or call during our office hours. You can reach us at: (971) 231-4536.

    • We strive to respond to any voicemail or email within 24 hours on weekdays or by Monday if on weekends.

  • If during office hours you have an urgent health issue and require immediate assistance please call: (971) 231-4536. 


  • For urgent concerns outside-of-office hours you may contact our after hours line at: (971) 438-6112

    • Please note, when talking with our on-call medical provider the call session will be billed according to our HLC sliding scale.

  • An example of after hours care may be (but are not limited to):

    • Adverse reactions to medications

    • High fever 103 F (39.4 C) or higher

    • Worsening symptoms

    • Bodily injury that may not require an emergency room visit


  • Our urgent after hours call service can assist you with triage and provide advice to help you determine if a visit to urgent care or the Emergency Room is warranted.   Please remember that for life threatening concerns you should call 911 immediately.


Virtual Communication:

  • Email can be a convenient way for us to communicate, however we ask that all health related concerns be relayed through the Charm Portal.

    • Email is not entirely secure. For example, if your email address is through your employer, your employer may be able to read the messages. Likewise, there is a small possibility of interception of messages from outside parties. For these reasons, it is best NOT to transmit messages of a sensitive nature, such as mental health, substance abuse, or HIV status through standard email.


Cancellations within 24-hours or No-Shows:

  • If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, this needs to be done 24 hours prior to your appointment time.  Otherwise, if you miss an appointment or cancel with less than 24 hours notice, you will be charged a “No-show” fee of  $50.00. 

  • Exceptions to this are made on a case by case basis and for those on Oregon Health Plan.  

  • If you have more than 2  “no-shows” then you will be required to pay these fees before scheduling your next appointment . 

    • This will be charged to your credit card on file. If you do not have an updated card on file, this will need to be paid before you may schedule another appointment.



We generally do not refill prescriptions outside of office visits. When a provider writes a prescription, they will give you enough refills to last at least until your next scheduled office visit. If your refills are running low, it likely means it is time to schedule your follow up appointment!

  • For medications that arenʼt used every day of the year, like allergy or headache medications, this policy will require you to be mindful and anticipate future refill needs during your current appointment.

  • If you end up needing an emergency refill outside of an office visit, send a message via the Charm Portal or call with the drug name and dosage as well as the pharmacy phone number.

    • If a prescription is possible without an appointment, we will strive to have it filled within 24 hours. You will be charged a $15 administrative fee for this service for the first prescription, $5 for each additional prescription.

    • Please do NOT have your pharmacy contact us for refills. These refill requests are often auto-generated at the pharmacy or are simply incorrect. You must contact us personally if you need an emergency refill outside of an office visit.


Urgent Care/Emergency Room (ER) & Hospitalizations: 

Continuity of care and communication is important in the delivery of your health care.

Please be sure to tell the Urgent Care / ER provider  who your primary care physician is so they can update us with important information and treatment plans. 

  • We hope you will never need to be hospitalized. If hospitalization does have to occur, our providers feel that you will be best served by the hospitalist physicians (specialists in the care of hospitalized patients).

    • Please tell the hospital who your primary care physician is so they can update us with all important information and treatment plans.

    • If possible, one of our primary care providers (PCP) will visit you at the hospital if you would like, and will communicate closely with your in hospital doctors about your health issues and the outcomes of your hospitalization.

    • Within a day or two of your discharge, please send a message or call so we can determine how soon you need to be seen for follow-up.

  • Sometimes we will also recommend that you seek treatment at an urgent care clinic, ER or  hospital. We understand that this may be a financial burden to some, but recognize the limits of our clinic for emergency medicine and adhere to clinical best practices, thus emergency room/hospitalization may be suggested by a provider.


Provider Time Off: 

  • There will be times when our providers will be out of town or otherwise unreachable and other providers will provide coverage for your healthcare needs.

  • Dates of upcoming vacation plans will be posted on the community event calendar home page

  • If you have an urgent health question or need to be seen while they are away please call our clinic to see any other Provider at HLC.

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