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Dr. Susanne Lietz

Dr. Susanne completed her naturopathic medical training at Bastyr University in Seattle, which was followed by a primary-care residency at the National University of Natural Medicine here in Portland.

When providing health care, Dr. Susanne follows the naturopathic philosophy, which holds that each individual has an innate drive and ability to heal and to find balance in life. She believes that it is imperative to hold space and invite people into a visit in whichever way they are able to show up in the present moment.

Using this foundation, Dr. Susanne is passionate about practicing patient-centered medicine and utilizes naturopathic modalities including botanical medicine, body work, counseling and homeopathy as tool to help foster wellbeing


Dr. Susanne is currently offering Food sensitivity testing (EAV): EAV testing uses acupressure points and electrodermal resonance against the most common food sensitivities people have. This type of testing can be helpful especially when a person’s system is overwhelmed and we want to explore potential foods that are getting in the way of bigger healing.


Please contact the clinic to book with Dr. Susanne.

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