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(Suzanne) Windy Lyle, FNP

Curiosity and Respect are primary elements in Windy’s commitment to her clients, staff members and also, she holds a commitment to lifelong learning. 


Windy holds memories of her mother and grandmother, both nurses, who modeled the power of listening, gifted her with an appreciation for the healing nature of touch, and taught her that western and herbal medicine are complimentary. This sent Windy down a long and winding path of multiple health care adventures in the world, before realizing that  all along nursing was her professional goal. 


In 1994, she completed her Bachelors of Nursing Science from Linfield School of Nursing.

In 2002, she completed her Masters in Nursing Science and Family Nurse Practitioner degree from the University of Portland. 


Windy spent 26 years in a large hematology/oncology practice at the  Portland VA medical center.  There Windy honed her skills and curiosity, to approach the novel and challenging ideas and situations with a vision of always expanding her knowledge and engagement in the world.   


Windy retired from the VA the last day of 2019.  The pandemic arrived & a deep longing emerged, her soul and mind felt a loss; she was aching to work, once again, with people dedicated to supporting health in a medical setting. Windy was drawn to connect with Dr. Kaeri, the founder of HLC. Windy had previously worked in the clinic while a doctor was on maternity with her second child.  So, Windy approached Kaeri and asked if she needed any help. Dr Kaeri said yes, and Windy’s heart sung. 


Practicing medicine is a gift, and doing it in a way that is both loving and supportive to self, as well as to the client is an even greater gift.  Windy appreciates working with the other wonderful providers who have multiple modalities and insights at HLC, easily the providers connect and share our unique insights. This practice is joy!


In life, Windy is a human, wife, mother and grandmother. She loves to walk, to sit quietly in nature, to work the soil, to find rhythm beneath the moon, to explore body, mind, spirit, wisdom. She connects most deeply with her ancestors while observing her grandchildren, and experiences great joy while laughing with friends and family.


Please contact the clinic to book with Windy, or if you currently see Windy feel free to connect with her via the Charm Portal. 

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