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Dr. Kenzie Clark 

Kenzie (she/her) grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan. From an early age, Kenzie knew that she
was destined to be a helper and healer. She received her Bachelor of Science in Nutritional
Sciences as well as a minor in Women’s Studies from Lyman Briggs College of Michigan State
University. Prior to attending medical school, Kenzie worked in the medical field as a direct care
provider and as a phlebotomist. She has extensive phlebotomy experience with pediatric and
oncologic populations.

After gaining some experience in the medical field, Kenzie packed up her life and headed out
west to Portland, Oregon to complete her Naturopathic Doctor degree at the National
University of Natural Medicine (NUNM). During her time at NUNM, Kenzie discovered her
passion for cannabis medicine and began diving deep into how it could be incorporated into
Naturopathic medicine. She then completed a brief residency at a busy Naturopathic practice in
downtown Portland.

After experiencing full time clinical practice and combatting burnout, Kenzie realized that to
provide exceptional trauma informed care, she would need to slow down. She wanted to be
part of a practice that honored both the patient and provider, landing her here, at Healthy
Living Community!

Kenzie is a cannabis competent provider who employs trauma informed care and is non-ableist
in her approach. She is passionate about incorporating naturopathic modalities, such as
botanical medicine, homeopathy, and physical medicine into her visits. She strives to always
meet each person where they’re at in their unique healing journey.
In her free time, Kenzie enjoys spending time with her partner, Bill, and her dog, Duncan. She
tends to many houseplants and recently started growing veggies in a greenhouse in her
backyard. She loves exploring the Pacific Northwest and getting outside whenever she can.


Please contact the clinic to book with Dr. Kenzie, or if you currently see Dr. Kenzie feel free to connect with her via Charm (patient portal)

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