Welcome to Healthy Living Community

Your Non-Profit Community Health Center in SE Portland

Together we can grow optimal health

At Healthy Living Community (HLC), we offer a different kind of healthcare. We serve people that:

  • Want a personal and ongoing relationship with their healthcare provider in order to achieve their health and wellness goals.
  • Are committed to taking action to improve their health and well-being, wherever they are on their health journey.
  • Like us, believe that the healthcare and insurance industries are broken, and want to explore new models of care.

We are a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit that offers affordable, patient-centered, inclusive, and trauma-informed care in a beautiful and welcoming setting. We offer a sliding scale membership and office visit model, allowing our community members to pay what they can for the care they want and deserve. We focus on root causes of symptoms, and work with our patients on treatment plans that are both realistic and effective. Our patient care integrates medications with diet and exercise, as well as referrals to massage, acupuncture, naturopathic medicine and various other modalities. Our goal is to do this in a compassionate, cost-effective, and earth-friendly manner.

To learn more about our model of care and the community we’re building, read more About Us.

At HLC We Believe

Healthcare is a human right

Every person should be able to access the holistic care they need and deserve. Our sliding scale model works to provide quality care at an affordable price, increasing care accessibility while moving away from the healthcare delivery system that often limits the care people are able to receive.

Health is holistic

Mind, body, and spirit-- health encompasses all aspects of our being and at HLC we ensure that the care we deliver affirms that.

Healthcare needs to be inclusive and trauma-informed

Healthy Living Community welcomes people of all identities and lived experiences. We know and celebrate that everybody and every body is different. We acknowledge that medical trauma is real, and our goal is to support you in finding a safe home for your medical care that allows you to embrace healing when and how you are ready for it.

Healthcare should be a conversation, and there is no "one size fits all" model for health

We have a safe, affirming, clinic space and encourage open dialogue about health with your provider.

Our healthcare providers will always meet you where you are, educate, and discuss various treatment options (be it medication, supplements, acupuncture, naturopathic care, other modalities) to find an approach that best supports YOU.

Healthy communities grow healthy individuals

That’s why at HLC, we not only support the individual needs of our patients, but also foster community and connection to create a network of health and well-being.

We also partner with local organizations that support a healthier community.

COVID-19 Resources

Healthy Living Community is committed to remain connected with our community members during this uncertain time.

To help support you, we are offering:

  • Tele-medicine visits with our providers
  • Outdoor visits in our open-air pavilion in the garden
  • Testing for acute COVID-19 symptoms
  • Appointments to discuss the benefits and risks of vaccination
  • Appointments to discuss acute and long-haul symptoms
  • 24/7 text/phone availability for urgent questions
  • Please only reserve calls between the hours 9pm-8am for very urgent questions/concerns. If a question is not urgent and could be answered the following day during working hours please consider waiting.
  • Online events and in-person masked events
  • Email updates in our newsletter
  • Helpful Facebook posts